Understand your bill. The way in which we bill you is determined by whether or perhaps not you have got a water meter

Understand your bill. The way in which we bill you is determined by whether or perhaps not you have got a water meter

We issue a yearly bill for customers whom don’t have water meter from mid-February to mid-April. Whereas we read your meter if you have a water meter your bill will arrive every six months based on the dates.

Keep in mind, you will see your bills and handle your bank account online.

Typical concerns

Exactly exactly exactly What can I do if we be given a bill addressed towards the Occupier?

If you have gotten a bill addressed to ‘The Occupier’, please put up a free account in your title by doing this type.

Please wait unless you be given a bill that is new your title prior to making re payments or installing a repayment plan.

Just how do I get my bill in braille or text format that is large?

To request your bill in big braille or print, please give us a call.

How do you get assistance with my bill if English is not my very very very first language?

If English is not your language that is first and need help understanding your bill, please call and inquire for language help solutions.

Why has my account number changed?

Your account quantity changed from the 10 digit to a 12 digit number because we’ve upgraded our systems to ensure we’re in a position to offer an improved solution. You should utilize your brand-new 12 account that is digit to any extent further.

If you’re logging to your online account fully for the very first time in a whilst you might be expected to reset your password.

Exactly why are a number of my re re re payments perhaps not shown to my bill?

During we upgraded our systems to boost our solution for you. Whenever we upgraded your account all payments that you’d made up to the period had been contained in your transferred balance, which can be shown on web page 2 of the bill. The like web web web page 1 of one’s bill you’ll just see re re re payments made from then on date.

What’s the ‘transferred stability’ seen on web web web page 2 of my bill?

This isn’t a charge that is additional. As soon as we upgraded our bodies this could have either been the total amount on the account during those times or a highly skilled stability from the bill that is previous. It requires under consideration all of the payments you made in your account as much as the period.

Do you publish your documents that are charging?

Each year, we set our fees prior to the asking guidelines granted by the Water solutions Regulation Authority (Ofwat). See our handy guides to comprehend exactly how we determine your metered bill and bill that is unmetered.

It is possible to see our present home fees now. They’re supported by this assurance declaration and also by this declaration of significant modification which sets down any changes that are significant our asking policy.

In the event your bill covers the time, we will purchased our fees to sort out what you spend, that are sustained by this assurance declaration and also by this declaration of significant modification.

Our company

Thames Water Utilities Limited Registered in England and Wales

Registered Office: Clearwater Court, Vastern Road, Checking RG1 8DB.

Business quantity. VAT enrollment.

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